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Nodestory - Storytelling redefined

Updated: 4 days ago

With nodestory, we want to help creators create and share high quality interactive stories.

The Problems we are solving :

1. Digital storytelling formats are mostly ephemeral, linear or lack two-way interactivity

2. Interactive stories are not shareable and embeddable on the web

3. Lack of monetisation for creators to create high quality interactive stories

4. Story viewing experience is a mess with "advertising".

What we want to offer :

1. Mobile app with a blend of tools and social dynamics which helps creators create and share high quality interactive stories with narrative.

2. Web shareable and embeddable interactive stories with export options for posting stories on other social channels as well

3. Premium Stories Subscription and Marketplace model for creators to monetise their stories

4. NO ADVERTISING ON NODESTORY. Unlike the large internet companies, we hate spying on people's personal lives to make money through advertising. Hence we did not choose our brand name as adbook, instads or whatsad.

Presenting the base version of nodestory to be released in June 2020

The game-changing ideas :

What if we also provide creators the ability to create scenes and characters ?

What if the characters and viewers can interact with each other ?

What if the viewer can influence the characters leading to multiple branched stories ?

What if the viewer is not passive but an active participant of the story ?

What if the viewer is in complete control of his or her privacy and no data is shared further ?

Enter Data Science and AI. We are working hard to change storytelling as you know it.

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