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Miniofy - The world of storytelling through miniatures and Augmented Reality

Updated: Jan 13

The dream with Miniofy was for anyone to be able to experience any place on planet earth on a miniature scale on a tabletop and to then bring the model to life digitally. We had a dream and then we made it reality.

Miniofy is where exquisite handcrafting meets state of the art technology. It is a path breaking way to tell your story, a surprising new way to recollect fond memories and a unique and jaw-dropping gift of awesomeness and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.

So here is how you tell a story through Miniofy ?

The first step is to imagine the scene you want to create. Think of the context or the memories you want to recall. Perhaps you climbed a mountain together, or visited a beautiful small town ? Or may be you share common memories of school or university with the person or went on that dream island on a cruise. Or may be its just your home where your heart is...

Whatever the scene, anything ( almost :) ) is possible and we can recreate it and make a miniature model of it ! Here are a few examples...

A beautiful log house in the middle of nowhere...

The pretty town of Heidelberg in Germany...

A mansion in snowy winters somewhere in the United States...

The magnificent Gaine mansion in Kolkata, India

And then tell add labels of points of interest in the miniature.

Highlighting Point of Interests in a beautiful spot near Perth in Australia.

Highlighting labels on an island near Hong Kong, showcasing amenities of a luxury villa, or a including a thoughtful message on a scene that's meaningful to you.

Do you have a scene in mind ? Whether you prefer to keep it as a collection for yourself or give loved ones, Miniofy makes it possible

So what next ?

We are dreamers, so we continue to dream. But the team from Miniofy are also doers. Where do we want to take the idea next ? Well, we want to go deeper into the possibilities of digital overlays and augmented reality. The storytelling that can be done with digital overlays on the terrain of the miniature looks promising. Stay tunes for more... meanwhile enjoy what Miniofy has to offer today. Have a look at all their work at Miniofy

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