• Shounak Mondal

Detect SPAM Text Messages

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Chances are that you have received a SPAM text message. It's irritating at the very least, and very dangerous at its worst. Below is a quick application to detect spam text messages with decently high precision and recall ( f1 score )

Steps :

  1. Train Test split of the data

  2. Exploratory analysis : word cloud

  3. Create a pipeline with CountVectoriser as transformer and SVC as estimator

  4. Hyperparamter tuning with RandomSearchCV

  5. Calculate validation and test scores with best estimator

Most frequent words appearing in not SPAM ( HAM ) text messages

Most frequent words appearing in SPAM text messages

Score on test data with random search model with best estimator 0.9488789237668162

iPython Notebook in Github Repo

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