• Shounak Mondal

Changing the way we search forever

Problem : Most search is keyword based. What if we had a search where the AI system could understand human language and give results based on its understanding of the semantics ? Search in general is not descriptive or inference and relationship driven. Here is what we did to change how we search forever in travel planning. But the concept applies to search in any sector.

From search which is simply a selection of a hotel, flight and date from a dropdown ...

...to a search which is the inspiring description of the experience you desire...

Where you don't need to know your destination...

A search that infers and understands what you are looking for.

The possibilities are massive. Stretching the idea one step further, we could think of conversations / question-answer with this AI. It's like having a personal digital travel agent which takes your descriptions and recommends after considering every detail you imagined and mentioned.

Credits : Project team of Sheena , Tony Li, Quang and Shounak ( UBC MDS Candidate )

Pease write to mondal1@student.ubc.ca to request access to the source code for this project

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